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If you have lost a dog, check with your local authority dog warden service, and any neighbouring areas. You can also check with any local vets, and local police. 

DogLost is a service that reunites missing pets with their owners, and will generate a missing or stolen poster. Stolen dogs should be reported to the police.


There are volunteer led organisations that offer ground and drone searches. Be aware of scammers offering any services for a fee. It is important to follow any experienced and professional advice regarding attempts to capture a missing dog, as chasing can have fatal outcomes.


If you find a dog, and it is safe to do so, check to see if they have an ID tag. All dogs should wear one in public by law

By law you are required to return the dog to the owner where possible, or contact the local authority. If you are able to, you can take the dog to the vets to be scanned for a microchip. You can also see if there is a Scan Angel in your area.

It is a criminal offence to keep a dog without notifying the local authority. In some cases, arrangements can be made for you to keep the dog should an owner not come forward, but this must be arranged with the local authority.

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